January 10-12, 2020 | Jamaica

Life is good. Business is great. And …

As a deliberate creator who is committed to letting your Soul lead,

You know the power of stepping away, slowing down and seeking the guidance of your Soul Self.

 Expansion requires spaciousness.

Step away. Take time to Connect. To Listen. To Expand.

I know it can be hard to do that in the midst of a busy life or if you are in an unsupportive environment. That’s exactly why you need to step away.

 When you do, you come back more clear, more effective, more efficient, more present, more energized. 

The Weekend Soul Retreat is an opportunity,

to step away, get clear and powerfully align

with what your Soul is desiring in 2020


What Is A Weekend Soul Retreat?

It’s a curated, intimate group experience, in luxurious surroundings, designed to facilitate, enhance, support and expedite your next level of growth and expansion.

You will experience how the combination of meditation, movement, soul art, music, group support and laser focused coaching – all in a lush tropical setting – makes the process fast, fun and easy.


How Much Can You Accomplish

In A Weekend In Paradise?

With the right conditions, a weekend provides ample time for a profound shift. At home, when life is moving at full steam, you have many things competing for your attention and your energy. The weekend seems to pass far too quickly.

At a Weekend Soul Retreat, all your needs are taken care of. No wondering what to cook. No errands to run. All your energy is focused solely and deliciously on you.

Time magically seems to expand as you align with island time. You can catch your breath, clear your head, awaken new possibilities and make a quantum shift while relaxing and having fun! 

Want To Know More?

“It has been a life-changing experience.” – Jacqueline Calhoun



An Investment In Yourself That Yields Exponential Returns

      • Shorten your learning curve. Tap into new possibilities.
      • Make the internal shifts that catapult you to the next level of success.
      • Find the courage to step into what you know, yet have not truly lived.
      • Align with your highest purpose and confidently live your Souls mission.
      • Wake up feeling energized and excited about your life and your work.
      • Easily make changes you’ve struggled with for so long.

“I discover something new every time.” – Monique Van Spankeren

Here’s What’s Possible

Here are the important details…

      • When: January 10 -12, 2020
      • Where: NewCastle, Jamaica (A private villa in the Blue Mountains)
      • Schedule: Friday, January 10th at 2:00 pm to Sunday, January 12th 4:00 pm.
      • Investment: $2,500  (inclusive of Meals and shared accommodation. *Flights to Jamaica and airport transfers are not included.)


Your Guide For This Unparalleled Experience  

Success Coach and Intuitive Healer, Helen MacMillan is your guide for this group experience. With over 25 years experience leading transformational retreats, Helen is masterful at helping you create a profound shift in record time (with ease and grace and a healthy dose of laughter. She is known for helping you get results you have failed to achieve on your own.  

This experience is about amplifying your personal power; Deepening your connection with your Soul Self; Opening your ability to receive; Uncovering your deepest truth and aligning with it; Trusting Yourself and the Source within you on new and unprecedented levels and Healing the places within that keep you from experiencing true freedom.

Helen’s gift of intuition and her sense of humor serve to make the process fast, engaging and fun. Her willingness to surrender fully and be guided by Source ensures the experience will be in service to your Soul.




“When you take the time to step away, slow down and check in with yourself, you can hear the whispers (guidance) of your soul and make changes without needing a life crisis to force you to. This is what creates success that is meaningful, joyful and sustainable.” – Helen MacMillan



What is it like to play with Helen MacMillan?

“Playing with Helen is a rewarding adventure of the mind and soul. I use adventure deliberately, because the journey is fun and exciting, but also challenging and frightening and you always want to go further or experience it again. Helen is a gifted spirit guide and healer with a unique process that results in mind, body, spirit breakthroughs that look like a rolling succession of eureka moments and feel like organismic mind shifts. Opportunities for transformation start to show up everywhere and you become present to your own healing powers.” ~ Noelle Nicolls